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June 2007
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Pfaltzgraff Ocean Breeze and Our 9th Wedding Anniversary

June 16th, 2007

ocean breezePfaltzgraff Ocean Breeze is the dinnerware set my husband and I received for our wedding, nine years ago. We (by we, I mean I) looked at what seemed like thousands of patterns. In the end, Pfaltzgraff Ocean Breeze was the pattern we put on our wedding registry. And even better than that, we received 12 place settings, salt & pepper shakers, the proverbial gravy boat, and the oval vegetable bowl as a wedding gift. As if that wasn’t enough, I had to go out and buy just about every other piece they offered, including ironically enough the “Everything Bowl”. Come on, you have to have an “Everything Bowl”, it’s for EVERYTHING! This was the line I used on my husband to explain why I bought it. Compelling, huh?

If you’ve actually read this far, you might be asking yourself, “Where is she going with this?” Good question. Well, here’s where it gets interesting (hopefully). Through all these years we have never broken/lost a piece of our dinnerware set until this January. This is when my 4 year old daughter dropped a Pfaltzgraff Ocean Breeze soup bowl. And to my surprise, my husband said, “Dawn, buy another one so the set stays complete.” I couldn’t believe it, who knew after all this time he would still care about our dishes.

So, when it came to our 9 year wedding anniversary, my husband and I decided to replace the soup bowl and get some new pieces that were added to the collection. For him, we got the manliest item in the set, a barbeque platter & baster. For me, we got the salad serving bowl. And jointly, we got the single entree plates. (All in Pfaltzgraff Ocean anniversaryBreeze of course.) The anniversary gift we selected was traditional in two ways, 1) the 9th wedding anniversary gift is pottery, which is what our everyday dishes are, and 2) we took the time out together to commemorate our wedding day and everyday thereafter.

If you are in need of ideas for your wedding anniversary, has a list of traditional and modern gifts by year.

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