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March 2007
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Archive for March, 2007

How to remove easter egg dye

lava soapLast year, my niece got easter egg dye all over her hands, arms, and face Unfortunately, easter was the following day and the easter egg dye wasn’t coming off. After much research, I found that good ol’ Lava Soap will clean the easter egg dye right off your skin. You can buy it at your grocery store for a couple of dollars.

Here are a few more suggestions from others who have commented below:

According to Paula, Toothpast and a nailbrush does the trick. And Laura says Fels-Naptha also works like a charm. If you have a remedy that works for you please add a comment. You just might save someone’s day.

So, here’s to decorating those eggs and having clean children afterwards!

28 comments March 28th, 2007

What to do when your dog bites a toad

A few months ago, my puppy bit a baby frog (toad actually). Jack, my puppy, started spitting and choking. Frog - Bufo Toad or Bufo MarinusIt did not look good at all. So, I immediately took him over to the hose and rinsed his mouth out with water. Then, I called the vet and drove straight over. Fortunately, Jack checked out fine. However for future reference, the emergency vet gave me an informational handout on Bufo Toad Toxicity. Here’s what it said.


Bufo toads (Bufo Marinus) were introduced into Florida years ago to control insects. They reproduce very efficiently and have become endemic in South Florida.

The Bufo or Cane toad produces toxins from the parotid glands located behind the head. The toxins contain high concentrations of hormones such as adrenalin and others such as bufotoxins. The toxins affect two major organ systems: the cardiovascular (heart and blood vessels) and the nervous system (brain).

Signs of Toxicity

Due to the slow and awkward movement of the Bufo toad, dogs readily will attack them. When attacked, the toads release the toxins and dogs become affected. Common signs of intoxication include the following: foaming from the mouth, drooling, pawing at the mouth, vomiting, stumbling, falling, tremors, rigid legs, and seizures.


If your dog is exhibiting signs of toxicity, is conscious, and not seizuring then:

  • Rinse the mouth with running water: place a garden hose or faucet along the side of the mouth and run the water.
  • Rinse the mouth for 3 to 5 minutes at a time for a total of 3 times.

Do not force water down your pet’s mouth or try to make your pet swallow.
Do not give any oil, milk, or other substance besides water.


Here is an idea I wrote about to Keep Frogs Out of Your Yard!

Please add your own suggestions to help protect our pets. If you leave a comment let us know what part of the country you are from. It helps to know where these dangerous toads are located around the country. Thanks.

255 comments March 20th, 2007

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day

Add comment March 17th, 2007

Gift ideas for girls, ages 5 to 7

Once again, we’re on the birthday circuit. And this time around, the birthday girls are between the ages of 5 and 7. This is a list of the things they asked for.

  1. My Little Pony birthday
  2. Bratz
  3. Polly Pocket
  4. Beauty play set
  5. Mermaids
  6. Cheetah Girls
  7. Barbie anything
  8. Art supplies
  9. Dora the Explorer
  10. Hannah Montana
  11. Disney Princess
  12. Puppy vet kits

For more ideas, Yahoo! Shopping has a Toys for Girls, Top 10 List. If none of these ideas work, a giftcard to Toys”R”Us or Target goes over very well. And keep in mind, it’s the thought (and the gift receipt) that counts.

Do you need gift ideas for other people in your life? Try my gift idea section.

1 comment March 2nd, 2007