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September 2006
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Surveys: so much work, so little money

September 25th, 2006

Back in January of ’05, I decided to try making money by filling out surveys. I signed up with SurveyScout and then went through the tedious process of registering with each survey service. I filled out tons of surveys, and made less than $20! I was the wrong demographic and didn’t win any of the contests. Thankfully, SurveyScout refunded my money. So, my advice is don’t pay to join a survey club. In fact, SurveySpot offers the following note (before you join their panel).

Special note: If you paid money to any company to find out about online survey opportunities, we advise you to ask for a refund. Online surveys are fun and your opinions are important in helping shape the products and services of the future. You might win a prize or be paid a few dollars as a thank you for your time, but taking online surveys is not a way to earn a paycheck. At SurveySpot we’ll always be straight with you, we’ll never ask you for money, and we’ll never try to sell you anything.”

This statement can be found on SurveySpot’s Join page.

However, if you want to see first hand what to expect, here is a small list of sites to fill out surveys. (After a handful of these, you will come to your own conclusion.)

I hope this information has helped you and I wish you the best of luck with finding a way to make more money with less work.

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1 Comment

  • 1. Mick Gordon  |  September 26th, 2006 at 2:10 am

    I had never heard of doing surveys for money. Notice nobody gives exact figures – that should be the first clue that earning a living this way is a loosing proposition.

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